ATL communication

  • Tests of finished TV ads and animatics
  • Tests of the effects of whole advertising campaigns
  • Tests of any video materials
  • Crash tests of advertising concepts
  • Tests of radio spots

BTL communication

  • Tests of finished POS materials
  • Tests of POS material projects before print
  • Tests of leaflets
  • Tests of official correspondence
  • Tests of billboard layouts in low-involvement conditions

The Internet

  • Research on Website pages
  • Tests of the publishing content of Internet portals
  • Studies on transaction services
  • Tests of online stores
  • Research on social networking
  • Research on mobile app


  • Brand image studies – explicit attitudes
  • Brand image studies – implicit attitudes
  • Studies on celebrities' fit with the brand's strategy
  • Industry image analysis
  • Analysis of image archetypes

Branches / points of sale

  • Studies on retail branches
  • Studies on service-providing outlets
  • Aromamarketing studies
  • Audiomarketing tests
  • Studies on the image of branches

Customer service

  • Tests of IVR
  • Research on call center interview scenarios
  • Qualitative research for the purpose of HR departments
  • Service standards’ research
  • Tests of sales tools

Products and packaging

  • Research on Packaging design
  • Research on Visibility of products in the store
  • Research on product concepts
  • Sensory test of products
  • Product image research


  • Focus groups and individual interviews (B2B and B2C)
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Storytelling analysis
  • Semiotic analysis
  • Biometric measurements