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benchmark base


point net


face muscles

Key Emotion is an advanced technology for the automatic measurement of facial expressions.

The emotional reaction is being measured based on analysis of over 40 face muscles. The precise net of 500 points attached to the muscles insertions indicate even the smallest changes of the face expression. Key Emotion provides information regarding the emotional engagement and the level of basic emotions: anger, happiness, surprise, sadness, disgust, fear.

Key Emotion is available all over the world and can be used in very simple way.


Send us
the advertisement
you want to test.


We create an experiment
and send you a link.


You present the experiment
to respondents
during your research.


The data will be collected
on our server
and then analyzed.

Afterwards you will receive a PowerPoint report containing interactive visualization of emotional response.

The report contains:

Frame by frame visualization showing the level of basic emotions that your advertising evoked with detailed description of the results.

Level of emotional engagement compared to the benchmark. Our benchmark is based on tests conducted on over 20 000 people’s reactions. We created benchmarks for both commercials and animatics.

For more information contact us:
Jacek Kowalski
+48 516 124 150